The BLR Fast Fin on your UH-1
Now, your tail rotor can breathe and reclaim lost power.
Improve High/Hot Performance
Improved Crosswind Capabilities
Improved Cruise Stability
Drag Reduction
Easy One-Day Installation

Tailboom Strakes (unless already installed on aircraft)
Low-Cost, Rapid Return on Investment
All Necessary Parts for Complete Installation by a Qualified A&P Mechanic
                                BLR Tailboom Strake Kit
The BLR Tailboom Strake Kit is the most cost effective, multi-functional, value added, modification ever developed for single rotor helicopters (with enclosed tailbooms). The culmination of seven years wind tunnel and flight test work by NASA / US Army researchers during the late 1980's the design has been optimized for ease of installation and improvements to handling qualities, climb & cruise flight and increase overall yaw control safety margins, all while showing reductions in direct operating costs. This technology is now available in kit form for installation on Bell Models:
204B, 205A-1, 205B (Huey II), 212, AB212,
412, UH-1 and AH-1.

Benefits Include:
Improved Hover-Hold Tasks
Improved Yaw Control Margins
Improved High DA Capability
Reduced Cruise Torque
Reduced Tail Rotor Power Requirements
Reduced Operating Costs (fuel savings)
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