Pac West Helicopters is an approved distributor for the Global Helicopter Technology, Incorporated (GHTI)
UH-1 Fin Spar Repair Kit. The Kit has been approved by the FAA for all UH-1 helicopter models and has received an Airworthiness Release (AWR) from the US Army Aviation and missile Command.
GHTI's Kit provides and economical solution to the problem of fin spar cracking on UH-1 series helicopters and eliminates the need for x-ray, hammer tapping, and or monthly inspections required by Technical Bulletin TB 1-1520-210-20-47or TB 1-1520-210-30-01. The original spar suffers from the cracking problem that is difficult to detect and repair. The installation of GHTI's kit is deemed to be a " terminating action" for the Airworthiness Directive.
The Kit is a robust design, utilizing high-strength solid spar caps in lieu of the existing sheet metal spar. The spar caps run the full length of the spar assembly and are equal in size of the left and right sides. This feature increases the bending strength of the GHTI spar by 60% versus the original spar. The center web, located between the two spar caps, is thicker and stronger than the existing web. The GHTI Fin spar Assembly eliminates the discontinuities present in the existing spar that have led to cracking at the top of the vertical fin adjacent to the 90 degree gearbox.
The primary advantage of the GHTI Fin Spar Repair Kit is that it is designed to be installed with out the use of the tailboom fixture and removal of the tailboom is not required. The Kit includes special disposable tooling to transfer the existing hole pattern into the new Global Spar Assembly. Any experienced sheet metal technician can perforn the installation, usually in 80 Hours or less using typical shop tools.
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